Front End Web Developer

Greetings, I am a front end web developer and sometimes designer living in San Francisco, CA. I specialize in creating interactive experiences using HTML, CSS and Javascript.



Who I am:

Hey I’m Kenny. I grew up in Scotia, NY and attended Rochester Institute of Technology. I have always been interested in art, design and UX/UI but fall more on the coding end of all things web. I am passionate about creating beautiful websites the right way.

I very much enjoy outdoor activities and am an avid backpacker, hiker, camper, cyclist, motorcyclist, and iPhone photographer. I also enjoy keeping up with the times and reading up on social justice and humanitarian issues, as well as being a bit of a history buff.


HTML5, CSS, SVG / SASS / LESS, Git, Gulp / Grunt / Browserify, React / Flux / Angular / Backbone, jQuery / AJAX, JSON, Photoshop, Illustrator CS5 and Sketch App.

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